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9037 Hot PLR
Products You Can Sell
And Call Your Own...

With Private Label Branding Rights,
Source Code and Master Resale Rights

Over 790 MegaBytes Worth of Products
For An Unbelievably LOW Price!
You Get:

    • 10 Private Label Rights Ebooks
    • 10 Companion AUDIO Versions
    • 7 PHP Software Programs
    • 10 Databases
    • 9000 PLR Articles

An Extremely LIMIITED Number of Reprint Licenses Will Be Made Available and YOU Can Own One, If You Act Fast

This license gives you the right to sell as many copies of these hot products as you want and EVERY penny of profit goes right into YOUR pocket and YOUR bank account!

No commissions, royalty payments or
any ongoing costs are paid to us!

If You’ve Ever Dreamed of Having Your Own Products to Sell and Profit From, NOW Is Your Chance

This is YOUR chance to make your dreams come true and make thousands of dollars a month!

Read on for even more juicy details!

Dear Friend,

    In these tough economic times you want products that can make you money, products that are in demand, products you can put your name on...and you want them at a price you can afford.

    Plus, you want marketing materials you can use to sell these products. We’ve got them for you.

    These are products you can use to build your own "business," a business that will sustain you and make you successful for a long time to come. That requires having a spectrum of complementary products that establish you as a player.

    And that's what we’ve got for you here. It is one of the greatest packages that have ever been put together in Internet marketing history...and, at a price that, for a very short time, is so low that you’d have to be crazy to pass it up.

    This package gives you more of what you need than other offerings and it does it at a price that is far below the competition.

You Get the Biggest Group of World Class Sales Tools for the Biggest Package of Products in Internet Marketing History! Here’s Just a Brief List of What You’ll Get:

  • 10 Premium Ebooks - Unlike what you’ll find elsewhere, these books average a hefty 20,000 words or more, on topics that are in demand in the marketplace and written by professional writers whose native language is English. Compare this to other PLR offerings which hover around 8K words and are written by people who are only vaguely familiar with the language. You’ll see the value you are getting here. There are 1071 pages of content in these 10 books. That's an average of over 100 in each!
  • Plus, here’s what you get
    with EACH Ebook:

    • Full Source Code (Word) to a substantial size ebook, approx. 20K words or more
    • Pre-Compiled Adobe PDF Version for Immediate Sales
    • 5 Day eCourse in txt format - to build your list and sales and to offer as people leave the site so you can capture them for your list
    • 12 Solo Ads/Emails for advertising, list building and sales
    • 10 Articles on the same topic (in text format)
    • 10 AdSense Website Templates with Articles installed. These are Adsense-Ready with graphics and inter linked to each other
    • Competitive Keyword Research (over 60 pages) including...
    • Keyword Lists
    • Simple Rebranding instructions
    • Sales Page for Ebook with 8 Free Bonuses
    • Sales Page for Resale Rights of Ebook and 8 Free Bonuses
    • Thank You/Download Page for Ebook
    • Thank You/Download Page for Ebook with Audio (see below)
    • Source Code of Graphics with Photoshop (PSD) Source
    • Full web site graphics designed by a top graphic designer -- including:
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Background Image
    • Order Button
    • Testimonial Box
    • Animated Banner
    • Ebook Covers in varying sizes with and without Disk image
    • Favicon
    • Guarantee Seal
    • Checkmark
    • Full On Image
    • Ready-to-go graphics of the above plus four different sizes of Ebook cover
    10 Multimedia Audios - At a time when more and more people are using audio - think Ipod, iphone and other Mp3 players - it's increasingly in demand to provide audio versions of your ebooks. This also increases the perceived value of what you sell. And that's why we give you these quality audio versions of the above ebooks. And you can be proud of their quality because they are done by professional voice over artists. Complete with...
         Full Source Code to Audio
         Disk Image for Audio 
  • 7 PHP Software Programs - Go beyond simple web sites and sell web sites that have software engines designed into them. That's where these PHP programs come in.
  • 10 Databases - Sell them as-is or use them to create other products.
  • 9000 Private Label Articles - Use them as blog content, VRE (Virtual Real Estate) web site content monetized with AdSense and such, distribute to article directories for  backlinks and increased SEO rankings or combine them to create ebooks and other products.

Selling These Products Is The Easiest (And Cheapest) Way To Get In the Game Without All Of The Hassles and Expenses Of Creating Your Own Products! You Just Plug In Your New Business And Collect The Cash, Fame & Credibility That Comes With That!

And because we both know that you need tools to make selling these products we are going to GIVE you the tools you need.

Here's some additional details of the tools you get with each Ebook product...

  • Your Own Salesletters for EACH Ebook Written By A Top Copywriter! These Salesletters Would EACH Have Cost You $1,500.00 If Your Ordered Them Through This Copywriters Website! That’s a $15,000.00 bonus right there!
  • You Also Get a Stunning Graphics Package That Accompanies Eash Salesletter! That Includes Header & Footer Graphics, Banner Ad, eCover, Order Button, Testimonial Boxes, And Much More! This Makes Selling Your Product Much Easier!
  • A Fully Setup & Order Inducing Website! This Includes Main Page, Thank You Page, Rights Page & Much More for Eash Ebook/Audio! All Setup! Just Paste In Your Order Button, Type Your Name And Start Taking Orders!
  • You get everything mentioned above included with your rights package without any additional cost ever! I'm just going to hand these items over to you!
  • An Accomanpying Audio for Each Ebook. This gives you the option of selling the ebook alone and then offering the audio as either a one-time-only upsell or as a follow-up backend sale. Or you can offer it as a bonus with the ebook.
  • You Also Get the Salesletter that Sells the Resale Rights to the Ebook/Audio Product as Well. That’s another $1,500.00 Value Each for a Total Additional Value of $15,000.00.

I'm sure that you'll agree it couldn't get any easier to sell these products! No one gives you all these pre-made tools that you can use to instantly start selling your new product.

But Wait...There’s MORE!

You also get 7 software products to sell. See the descriptions below and be sure to check out the demo sites so you can see these programs running.

You can sell these sites as is or you can tie them to a domain run them for a while, adding content, etc and then sell each one...over and over again.

Wait! We’re Not Done Yet...

You also get 10 databases. Over 12 megabytes of data. Each database can be sold as is or you can create products around them. This is something you don’t get elsewhere. See more detailed descriptions below.

But Hold It...We’re Still Not Done
Because You’ll Also Be Getting:

9000 Private Label Rights Articles with Unrestricted PLR rights. That means you can sell these with PLR rights to others as is or you can put them into ebooks and create lots more products. Or you can use them for ecourses or adsense sites or article directories or blog posts or, well, whatever you can think of.

There's no doubt that you are probably thinking...

"There's No Way Any Sane Person Would Sell This Rights Package With All The World Class Sales Tools For Any Less Than $1,000"

But you're not going to have to pay that much because I want this to be a bargain for you and that's why I'm pricing it at only $297. That’s less than $30 for each incredible value. And remember, you also get the audios...and then there’s the 7 software products...and the 10 databases...and let’s not forget the 9000 (count ‘em 9-0-0-0) PLR articles.

Hold it. That’s way too cheap. 9037 products for $297 is only about 3 cents per product, not counting the value in the over 20 sales letters, 50 ecourses, 120 solo ads/emails, 100 ebbok related artcles, etc.

My industry buddies say I'm selling this way too cheap but I don't care. I want you to have a bargain. So...

If you take action today, you are going to download the entire package of 9037 products for the insanely low price of just $297. (but hurry before I come to my senses and raise the price - I reserve the right to do that and it could happen at any time)

Remember, this is a one time purchase. You don't owe any royalties, monthly fees or any other kind of fees EVER again! You own it for life!

An Incredible Value for You

As you can see by the offer on this page, there is an incredible amount of value included in this package. Making money online has NEVER been this easy!

Scroll down and order your package right now before they are all sold out! Remember...

Generate A Massive Income By Becoming
The Owner, Seller & Profiteer Of
These Incredible Products!
(No Product Creation Required!)
All The Profit Goes Into YOUR Pocket!

Licensing Rights for 10 Premium Ebooks and companion Multimedia Audios

Each Premium Ebook must be sold separately, although it can be sold with or without it's companion Multimedia Audio.

The same for the Multimedia Audio. In other words: each Multimedia Audio must be sold separately, although it can be sold with or without it's companion Premium Ebook.

Premium Ebooks and Multimedia Audios come with NON-Transferable Private Label Rights (PLR). This means that YOU have the right to private label the product but do NOT have the right to sell/give away PLR rights to others. Why this is an advantage for YOU: It means that the valuable part of the product, the PLR rights, can only be purchased through this offer and that you won't see it being sold and devalued elsewhere. This protects your investment.

For each Premium Ebook product, the 5-Day eCourse, 12 Solo Ads/Emails, 10 Articles, 10 AdSense Website Templates, and Source Code of both Ebooks (DOC files) and Graphics (PSD files) may NOT be sold or given away.

Plus 7 Software Products
Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

  Software Product # 1

"Video Search"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights


Run Your Own Video Sharing Site
Video Sharing Sites Are Hot

Here's your chance to create one of the hottest sites today. Build it for your own use or sell the software for others to build it. Saves a lot of time and expense. It would cost a fortune to have one built like this.

Monetize it with AdSense ads.

Software Product # 2

"Classified Advertising"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

Classified Ads Sites Are Also Hot
(Think Craigslist)

Classified ad sites are always popular. Here's how you can create one fast. Monetize by charging others to place their ads or just build 'em and sell 'em or just sell the software to others.

Software Product # 3

"Domain Appraisal"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights


Sell Domain Appraisals
It's All Automatic

An expert evaluation of domain names is critical for those wanting to sell their domains. This automates the process. Good for both buyers and sellers of domains.

Software Product # 4

"Digital Store"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

Sell Digital Downloads with This
Shopping Cart Software

Set up your own store for selling ebooks, software or any downloadable products. Uses PayPal or Storm Pay as the payment processor.

Software Product # 5

"Askit Answers (Yahoo Search Clone)"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

Visitors Build Content for You Automatically

"AskIt" Yahoo Clone the the perfect niche add-on site. Monetize it with AdSense.

Software Product # 6

"Joke Sharing"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

Joke Sharing Sites Are One of the Most Popular on the Internet

Visitors post and share jokes, so much of the content is provided by visitors. This also make the site sticky.

Software Product # 7

"Product Review"

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

Review Sites Are An Excellent Way To Sell Products Through Affiliate Links

Easily build a product review directory that builds traffic to your affiliate deals while building credibility in your niche.

Licensing Rights for
7 PHP Software Programs
Can edit, modify, or sell as-is
Can put your name on it as author
Can be added to paid membership sites
Sell for 100% profits
Can be sold singly or as a group as the main product but can not be the bonus to another product or sold with another group of products such as a dimesale, firesale, giveaway, etc.
Can be sold with the 8 "Distribution Bonuses" as bonuses
Can sell reprint rights
Can sell master resale rights
Can sell private label rights, including source code
Give away for free
Sell on Auction Sites
Can be bundled with other products (except as stated above)

You Also Get Over 12 MBs in 10 Different Databases

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

You also get:

"Guide To Using
Product Source Goldmine Databases"

with Rights to Include it with Your Database Sales

This ebook takes you step by step through putting your database to use. For example it shows you how to convert them to PDF products, complete with clickable links (where applicable), how to install them on your server, how to put them into a spreadsheet, etc. Plus, as an extra added bonus, when you sell a database you can include this guide with the sale.

Licensing Rights for
Product Source Goldmine Databases
Can edit, add to, or sell as-is
Can put your name on it as author
Can be added to paid membership sites
Sell for 100% profits
Can be sold singly or as a group as the main product but can not be the bonus to another product or sold with another group of products such as a dimesale, firesale, giveaway, etc.
Can be sold with "Guide To Using Product Source Goldmine Databases" and the 8 "Distribution Bonuses" as bonuses
Can sell reprint rights
Can sell master resale rights
Can sell private label rights, including source code
Give away for free
Sell on Auction Sites
Can be bundled with other products (except as stated above)


Plus, 3470 PLR Articles From
The Product Source Goldmine Vault

Full Master Resell & Private Label Rights

3470 Articles You Can Call Your Own:

Acid Reflux
Affiliate Marketing
After School Activities
Air Purifiers
Air freight
Art Auctions
Article Marketing
Aspen Nightlife
Atkins Diet
Auto Responders
Auto Responders
Auto Leasing
Back Pain
Backyard Activities
Basics of Investing
Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Remodeling
Beach Vacations
Bleeping Baby
Bluetooth Technology
Body Detox
Boot Camp
Breast Feeding
Burglar Alarm
Buying A Boat
Buying Paintings
California Tan
Camera Bag
Car Rental
Car Stereo
CD Duplication
Cell Phone
Child Care
Christmas Shopping
Coin Collecting
College Scholarship
Contact Lenses
Corporate Gifts
Credit Cards
Credit Score
Cruise Ships
Data Recovery
Decorating for Christmas
Dental Assistant
Diesel Vs Gasoline Vehicles
Digital Cameras
Digital Photography
Divorce - Rebuild Life

Ebay Marketing
Email Marketing
Emergency Preparation
Event Planning
Excavation Equipment
Extra Income
eZine Marketing
Family Budget
Fashion School
Feng Shui
Formula D Racing
Fruit Trees
Garage Remodeling
Golden Retriever
Google Ad Sense
Healthy Aging
Healthy Eating
High Definition Video Cameras
Holiday Games & Activities
Home Schooling
Home Security
Home Theater
Horse Racing
Hybrid Car
Improve personal life
International Airports
Internet Marketing
Internet Security
Ipod Video
Ireland Golf Vacation
Jewelry Wholesale
Job Search
Kitchen Remodeling
La Jolla California
Las Vegas
List Building
Loans Mortgages
Low Cholesterol
Making Money With Articles
Male Menopause
Marketing Your Business On The Internet
Martial Arts
Mexico Vacations
Mixed Niche
Mountain Biking
Moving house
Moving Overseas
New Air Travel Rules
New Years Eve Party Planning
Newport Beach
Newsletter Publishing
New York
Nursing Assistant
Office Chairs
Online Dating
Opt In List
Paint Ball
PC Security
PH Miracle Diet
Pool Accessories
Pay Per Click Advertising
Pre Paid Legal
Private Label Resell Rights
Private Investigation
Raw Food
Real Estate
Re Financing
Remote Control Cars
Renting A House/Apartment
RSS Articles
San Diego
San Fransisco
Satellite Radio
Self Development
Self Help
Self Improvement
Sitemap Articles
Ski vacations
Skiing Locations
Skin Care
Social Networking
Sports Car
Sports coaching
St Thomas Vacations
Student Loans
Summer Vacations
Supercross Racing
Swimming Pools
Tax Attorney
Teeth Whitening
Terrier dogs
Thanksgiving Party
Toothache/Tooth Care
Tracking Software
Universal Studio Tours
Vacuum Cleaners
Video Sites
Viral Marketing
Wart Removal
Web Design
Web Traffic
Wedding Activities
Weight Loss
Wine And Spirits
Licensing Rights for
"3470 PLR Articles"
You get all articles with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS
You can use articles as web content
You can use articles as content for your ebook/s
You can use articles as content for your autoresponder/s
You can use articles as content for your report/s
You can use articles as content for your off-line publications
You can use translate all articles to any language you want
You can sell the articles
You can sell them with resale rights
You can sell them with master resale rights
You can sell them with private label rights
You can add them to your membership sites
You can sell them in auction sites
You can give them away
You can give them as a bonus
You can package them and sell the packages in any way you want
You can start a membership site and deliver articles to your members!



The Fast Start Guide is your step-by-step guide to getting your PLR products online and ready for sales. It is normally only available to subscribers of my site. However, since the same procedures apply to ProductSourceGoldmine products, I am making it available to you. This comes with PERSONAL USE RIGHTS ONLY and is probably worth the price of the entire offer.

Includes How To:

  • Get all the NO COST software to get the job done
  • Take Credit Card Payments with no set up fees
  • Set up your AutoResponder to build a contact list
  • Download your product, web site & organize files
  • Edit your sales letters/pages quickly and easily
  • Find and register a great domain name
  • Upload your site files, products and test your site
  • And much, much more...all with click-by-click instructions

FREE Distribution License To These
8 "Distribution Bonus" Products:

Your Distribution License to these 8 products allows you to bundle them with any product for which you are charging $27 or more. This is good for any product not just Product Source Goldmine products. And all you have to do to deliver these is include the special link provided. Note that these are NOT resale products and you can NOT separate them. They can only be offered and delivered as a group and only as a bonus to another product being sold for $27 or more. This is a trouble-free distribution license. You don't need to download anything to deliver it. Just place the provided promo materials or your variations into your promotions and put the provided link in your download pages. Value: $197.00

How Much This Is All Worth to You...

Having these products means you don't just have a few products to sell. You've got an entire business worth.

If you were to create these products yourself, it would take you a long, long time. Perhaps years.

If you had them created for you, it would be very expensive. As an example, the sales letters just for the Premium Ebooks would cost you $30,000.00 for just an average copywriter.

Getting the books written, graphics created and audios created by top voice talent (like we use) would cost well over $15,000.00 and you'd have to find reliable people to do them (not easy, if you've ever tried) then wait quite a while for them to be finished. That's a lot of "ifs", time and expense.

And we haven't even gotten to the other products (software, databases, PLR Articles and bonuses). If you could get an article written for just $3.00 each, that would cost you $27,000.00 for the articles alone!

The real value of course is not in how much it would cost you to develop all these products but in how much money you can make by selling them. That's where the real value is to you.

You can make a staggering income selling these products as your own. Ask around and you'll see more than just a few people who are making substantial amounts of money. The government doesn't allow me to speculate on exact figures because every one is different and has different skills. But the hard work, developing quality products, has already been done for you. And you've got tons of quality sales materials to get you started.

I dare say the obstacles standing between you and a fortune have been decimated. This is your path to Internet wealth.

Although you will be getting download links to all of the products, it's a BIG package- 790 Megabytes worth. That will take quite a lot of time to download. So, at no extra cost I will send the entire package to you on a data DVD so you won't have to download any of it if you don't want to.

Your Investment...

I could be charging a lot more than $297. And if I did, it would be worth every penny. Considering the great value you're getting, I should be charging a lot more.

I just got done reading a testimonial from one guy who promoted just one product for $27 and in just 3 months sold 275 copies for a whopping $7,000+ in sales.

If you had bought that product for $500 and received $7,000.00+ in sales, that would have been worth it, wouldn't it? And you get lots more in this package.

But your investment is only $297. It's a great value at that price.

Look, the 10 Premium products alone would normally sell for $47 each. That's what I sell similar products for, singly, at And a membership of two premium products (similar to the kind you're getting here) per month is $67 at that site. You are getting 10 in this offer (five months worth). If you bought them through a membership site like that (it's currently not accepting members) it would cost you 5 times $67 or 335.00 and you'd have to wait five months to get all of them...IF the site were accepting members.

Then, add the 7 software products, 10 databases, and 9000 articles and you can see that you've got quite a bargain here.

We're only selling 300 copies total and about 50 of them are already gone as of this writing. As soon as we reach our target number of copies, the offer will be withdrawn. At that time this page will disappear and be replaced by a "Sorry, Sold Out" page. So, please act quickly to avoid disappointment. Click on the button below to start yourself on the road to Internet success...

Order Now!

Carl Galletti Top Internet Marketer
My Very Best to You,

Carl Galletti

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